The first mention of the TR069 standard happened on the Broadband Forum in 2004, when the new protocol was published in the form of a technical report, and several additions to it have been created since. The TR069 standard is also known as the CPE WAN Management Protocol, or CWMP in the literature. The protocol describes in detail the communication between the subscriber’s end device and the management system, the ACS.

This solution provides the opportunity independently of the type of the end device to adjust settings remotely from a central location in the equipment located in the home of the customer, or to gather information for diagnostics from the same equipment. With the application of the newly developed module technical problems can often be solved remotely, as the operators working in the customer center may be able to rectify the situation with a few clicks without having to send a repairman personally to the site.

In the case of telecommunication services, the Eventus TR069 module of Fornax makes the frequently complex and time consuming on-site installation simpler and quicker. Cooperating with the customer relationship system and the technical background systems, it performs the automatic provisioning of managed end devices (Zero Touch Provisioning).

The application ensures that it is always the most up-to-date, error-free software version that runs for the end user. The module is capable of displaying the status and performance data of the end user device, thereby contributing to a fuller understanding of the state of the services set up for the customer. This provides a clear picture whether the appropriate services have been configured for the customers and whether they are able to use it at an adequate quality level. With the help of the diagnostic feature one gains access to data of the device, network properties, and one can also access device functions, such as restarting, resetting or configuring the Wifi remotely.

To demonstrate the working of the TR069 module of Eventus we also developed a web client using state of the art responsive technology. The advantage of this is the enjoyable display and usability on all platforms (desktop, mobile, tablet). The web client has access to the features of the new Eventus module through an NBI interface set up for this purpose. With the help of this NBI adaptor a user interface customized to any user requirement can be implemented.

By applying our solution user satisfaction will increase on one hand, and on the other hand, the work load of customer centers decrease palpably. As a consequence of quicker and more precise fault location and rectification customer service can concentrate more resources on areas such as sales or VIP customer support.

In addition to the advantages above the operators have the possibility to provide further revenue-generating value-added services, such as configuring a Wifi remotely or VIP customer service. With the further enhancement of the module, we will be able to effectively manage not only the telecommunication end devices but also the devices connected to it in the home of the customer.

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