ICT can undoubtedly be a tool to increase agricultural productivity through automatization of agrotechnology using sensors, cyber-physical systems, GPS technology, precision farming and supported decision-making.

Main Features

  • BookMyTractor supports the prudent use of agricultural machinery
  • Uses retrofitting technology to upgrade aged agricultural machinery to catch up with the technology boom present in the agriculture sector and standardize data stream with ISOBUS technology, hence being able to use the machinery more efficaciously.
  • Creates sharing economy environment for idle or under-utilized machinery

The Problem

  • Machinery is under-utilised, fixed costs are high, and hence productivity is low.
  • Aged machinery with no data extraction possibility and display.
  • Inefficacious allocation of machinery for smallholders.
  • They don’t have access to fitting machinery and as a consequence, chance of soil degradation is higher

The project in a nutshell

BookMyTractor is a cloud based service that focuses on mechanized arable farming and supports prudent machinery selection for soil structure preservation to avoid the occurrent problem of soil degradation. The solution promotes cost-effective economic planning and coordination of work operation that are adjusted for environmental variables through allocating idle time and hours of operation that ensures the safety of production. BookMyTractor can work as a sharing economy platform. The model is based on client-server infrastructure and data collection from the ISO-bus network of the agricultural machinery.

Aims and objectives

  • Create sharing economy environment
  • Cost-effective and prudent management of agricultural machinery
  • Increased yield and improved resource use efficiency
  • Retro-fitted and improved machinery for better planning of work operations

Fornax Group

Fornax Group has been an unavoidable player in the Hungarian IT sector since 1991 thanks to its strong professional team and the uninterrupted pursuit of innovation and challenges. The name Fornax looks back on a past of quarter of a century in the domestic and international markets, the fully Hungarian-owned company group has bloomed into a corporation with several members. Thanks to the openness to experimentation in the beginning and the international contacts that by now have become numerous, the company is a leader in the application and development of the newest technologies. Fornax developed Eventus, the award-winning workflow and workforce management system.

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