Eventus Architecture

Eventus has been designed with the utmost care to fit seamlessly into any corporate architecture, through the use of the appropriate technology and widely accepted industry standards.

The internal structure of Eventus makes it ideal for use in large companies. System settings and the entire data content can be loaded and queried from the outside, and full import-export features are available to ease transfer from one Eventus environment to another.

Internal System Architecture

Eventus follows the most recent developments in applications software, with a multi-tier, thin client architecture. It even goes further, adding a fourth layer between the database and the application server, which serves as a central performance optimizer.

Physical System Configuration

Architecture designers are free to choose from several advanced options; Eventus even enables the setting up of configurations optimized for different aspects (system cost, performance, reliability, etc.).

A few examples of these options are:

  • Fault-tolerant database server
  • Distributed system
  • Archiving and reporting server
  • Redundant application servers
  • Variety of client platforms

Platforms, configurations

Eventus runs on common platforms and uses common resources.

  • Database: Oracle 8.0.7 or later
  • Application Server: IBM AIX, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, SGI Irix, Linux
  • Client: web browser, MS Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7, MS Windows 9x/ME,
  • MS Windows CE/Mobile/Phone, Android
  • Network: TCP/IP

Reliability, scalability

The architecture described above ensures that Eventus is a maximum reliability system; as a result of its features it can provide up to 99.9999% availability.

It also follows from the architecture that the system can always be scaled to meet current needs. Eventus has been specifically designed to eliminate any possible size barriers, no matter if you have:

  • terabytes of database;
  • tens of thousands of users or employees;
  • hundreds of thousands of daily requests;
  • tens of millions of customers.


Because of Eventus’ main function, system security has always been one of our most important concerns. Security solutions fall into two main categories: preventing illegal access to information, and continuously logging events in a way that is protected from improper manipulation.

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