The Social module developed by Fornax works like the fashionable and popular community services based on so-called service-sharing, similarly to the Mol limo, Telekocsi and AirBnB solutions, and thanks to its complexity, it provides opportunities and benefits to a wide range of users.

With the Eventus Social Module our business partners are able to get smaller on-site jobs – such as the setting up of a new modem or wifi – done with external experts with the appropriate skillset instead of the traditional technical team. As a result, the software ensures a source of alternative income for university students or young people in student association

The companies can qualify candidates for a given type of work based on training and exam material, who can then offer to do various tasks by registering on a web interface, taking their availability and their location into consideration. The end-to-end tracking happens on-line as well, from task announcement, acceptance, completion and the evaluation of the client and the co-worker.

In preparation for the task, e.g.: the rectification of a technical fault, the customers of Fornax’s partners can make an appointment individually with the experts applying for the job. Fornax’s new module therefore not only ensures greater flexibility in terms of making an appointment, it also offers a quicker solution to the problem at hand. A further advantage of the software is that the customer does not need to stay at home to wait for the technician the whole day, and the appointment can also be made outside of regular business hours.

As a part of Fornax’s social commitment, the Social Module can provide a comfortable and easily accessible income source for new talents, and at the same time the service offers an efficient support to the efficient and economical management of the client’s resources – which can result in significant savings.

The initiative and the concept was primarily brought about as a solution to cater for the residential services of Hungarian Telekom, helping on-site tasks to be more efficient, quicker and more adaptable to the calendar of the customers. By leveraging the power of community sharing, the Social Module makes the creation of fundamentally new approaches and solutions possible.

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