Installation of Eventus solution at UPC

In 2010 Fornax installed the Audit module based on its proprietary Eventus solution at all Hungarian sites of UPC, supporting the work of the technical area through process automatization, helping the daily work of the technicians and the entire technical team, thereby increasing the efficiency of the organization.

At UPC the goal of the installation of the Eventus audit module was the implementation of an IT system that through automatization of processes efficiently supports the work of the technical team. The solution also helps in the daily work of the technicians and the entire technical staff – as a result the efficiency of the organization is increased.

Thanks to the project the so-called audit processes work more efficiently, which in turn serves to leverage new business opportunities based on the differences between invoiced and provisioned services.

The installed Eventus solution provides the control of the full audit process for the technical executives, and it also helps the task assignment of addresses to be audited. The system supports the entry of audit results obtained by the technicians – and to top it all, management gets an efficient reporting tool to track the results.

Client: UPC
Technology: MX programing language, Oracle database
Timespan: January 2010 – December 2010
UPC has been actively using the system since January 2011

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