The prize-winning Eventus system has been enhanced with yet another module that in addition to the most important workflow management features also supports the requirements set by the special rules and extreme work environment of uninterrupted multi-shift activity, thereby enabling large or even full-scale automation of shift planning and management. The product was implemented with the demands of employers offering uninterrupted services in mind, so it is able to support the work of law enforcement, emergency services, first responders, security guards and road, air and water traffic controllers.

In terms of features, the new Shift Management module includes hour-based vacation handing, personalized work schedules, specific labour law regulations, and the user-friendly, flexibly alterable handling of standby and extra work hours. On the headcount planner interface the required headcount and competence availability can be set for each service area, and the shift planner functionality supports the optimal, even automated filling up of planned service points with employees. The application also has IOS and Android clients, and supports the full automation of vacation requests, the swapping of shifts between workers, and the ordering of work outside working hours, to name but a few features.

HungaroControl chose the Eventus Shift Management module developed by Fornax to support the workflow of their 400-450 strong staff responsible for managing air traffic in the airspace of Hungary and Kosovo. The primary goal of the implementation was the ensuring of the headcount necessary for the safe handling of air traffic with a system that complies with both internal policies and legal regulations. Another important criterion was to install a flexible module that can easily follow changes and the operation of which requires no developer skills.

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