Eventus Industry Solutions

Eventus is a comprehensive Workflow and Workforce Management Solution for organizations, business segments, industries, companies where

  • numerous  workflows;
  • numerous issues of the same kind;
  • numerous  employees and their work;
  • numerous  workflow types

have to be managed – executed, controlled, measured, automated and of course optimized either partially, or end-to-end.

It is important to underline that Eventus itself is not an “industry-specific” solution, it is much more like a framework.
Eventus is highly recommended for companies, where the work of employees must be driven, controlled and measured to ensure quality and control costs. For example field-force type staff (technicians, sales-force, agents, etc.), well-defined business processes (both Operations and Back-Office) can be efficiently controlled by Eventus.
Eventus is highly recommended for industries, where a larger amount of issues of the same type must be managed, more or less with the same processes.

Eventus in Telecommunications

We believe that a general purpose system can never be as sophisticated as a dedicated solution, and a lot of extra work (customisation or even development) has to be done before such a system can meet a set of specific requirements.

Eventus, unlike other workflow or workforce solutions, is an integrated system specifically for wireline and mobile telecom operators. It does nothing more (and nothing less!) than professionally manage any internal and external business processes of the company, while maximizing performance of both human and technical resources.

Eventus’ telecom-specific capabilities:

  • Manages tens of thousands of in-the-field technicians.
  • Manages complex business and technology workflows.
  • Adds workflow efficiency through a managed network.
  • Is designed for the integrated environment of large enterprises.
  • Is designed to be high performance and mission critical.
  • Interfaces with a wide range of technologies (network management, direct switch access, technical inventories, etc.)
  • Includes workflow templates for a wide range of technologies and processes (POTS, ISDN, ADSL, GSM, MLLN; customer processes, provisioning, fault management, internal operations & maintenance).

If you are a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) the key advantages of Eventus are:

  • Your company can centrally define its internal and external business processes.
  • In every situation, every user follows the defined business rules, unless they have the required permission.
  • You can measure, evaluate and continually develop every area of your company’s operations, using identical or comparable principles. Performance measurement is objective and protected from improper manipulation.
  • Corporate efficiency is dramatically improved, while there is also substantial growth in employee performance.

If you are a Chief Technical Officer (CTO) the key advantages of Eventus are:

  • Workflows are strictly controlled. These, however, can still be changed easily and flexibly by system administrators.
  • With proactive warnings covering all processes, Eventus can prevent deadlines from being missed.
  • Optimum utilization of both human and technical resources is achieved: work is carried out on the basis of unified principles and with measurable feedback.
  • All IT systems are driven from a single user interface: technical inventory, network management etc. are all subject to workflow management.

If you are a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) the key advantages of Eventus are:

  • Information is continuously available to all relevant persons at the desired level of detail. Customers are always kept up-to-date with accurate – even proactive – information.
  • Customer support requires just one single system, since all data and functions are accessible from Eventus.
  • The introduction of new products and services will no longer depend on IT support: within an hour of a business decision being made, the workflow support for any new service (such as ADSL) can be configured.

If you are a Chief Information Officer (CIO) the key advantages of Eventus are:

  • Eventus communicates with other systems in standard (XML) format. It establishes connections via the most up-to-date middleware technologies, but, if required, customized interfaces can also be used.
  • Operating and maintaining the system is straightforward: the system adapts to the existing network and hardware infrastructure, and actively monitors its own functioning (e.g. alerts via SMS).
  • You can precisely define and isolate the various functions, e.g. system administration, data management, and user handling.

If you are a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) the key advantages of Eventus are:

  • Eventus can be implemented while fully preserving previous IT investments.
  • Eventus further enhances the performance of other systems, and the value of earlier developments.
  • Eventus delivers an optimum price/performance ratio: for the same price other systems offer only a fraction of Eventus’ features.

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Eventus in Other Industries

Eventus can become a full-featured engine for any type of company or institution.

Any organisation with mid- to high-level complexity workflows and a large number (at least hundreds) of internal resources to manage is therefore a potential user.

Even before any customization work is done, Eventus provides the following functionality:

  • Request registration
  • Workflow initiation and running
  • Online task execution
  • Dispatch options, dispatched task execution
  • Exception handling
  • Internal Messaging

and much more.

Once industry-specific functionality is added and systems integration is carried out, you get a professional Workflow and Workforce Management solution for:

  • Public utilities
  • Transportation
  • Emergency Forces (Police, Fire Department, Border Guard and Disaster Forces)
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