Success Stories

Magyar Telekom Nyrt. (Hungarian Telecom, former Matáv)

The first version of Fornax’s Workflow and Workforce Management System has been serving the Hungarian Telecommunications Company since June 2000.

The system provides full support for the company’s fault repair and network provisioning processes over the entire country, for all technology elements and services.

Our first implementation project took approximately 9 months to put the system into live operation. Encouraged by the success, Matáv has significantly extended the system since then, in terms of both the technology supported and the business processes managed.

The success of the system can be seen by the fact that:

  • ‘Number of requests processed by one person’ has increased dramatically.
  • ‘Fault repair within 24 hours’ ratio highly improved.
  • Workflow and workforce management is now fully electronic.
  • All workflows run on the same platform, in a unified framework.
  • All human resources receive their work from a single source.

The success story in numbers:

  • 3.2 million customers
  • 1,000 users
  • 5,000 technicians / managed resources

Hrvatski Telekom d.d. (Croatian Telecom)

This first international implementation of the system was carried out within six weeks as a no-cost no-obligation pilot.

As with Matáv, Croatian Telecom also uses the system for its internal fault repair, provisioning and O&M processes. The third phase of the system deployment has already been completed, and the support for ADSL, POTS, and ISDN has already been put into live operation. Custom modules for HT include dedicated ADSL inventory and Decision Support for logging customer requests.

Further phases (covering mainly systems integration) still lie ahead, but HT management have already expressed their satisfaction with the results achieved so far.

Crnogorski Telekom A.D.

Fornax delivered the Eventus Workflow and Workforce Management System which covers entire work with universal processes. Entire workflows can be seen, accurately measured and evaluated moving from manually controlled and experience based operation to automatic processes introducing performance measurements and result oriented approach at technicians.
All employees can work fully independently and rely on Eventus. From now on resolution of problems in the same category does not depend on particular employee knowledge of a given geographical area, infrastructure or equipment.

Dispatching of the tasks is extensively automated based on objective parameters with manual corrections only if necessary.

Eventus’ Android mobile client is able to reach high utilization of human resources through allocation of tasks where there is demand. Realization of tasks and efficiency can be transparently followed in real time and based on the escalation mechanism can be triggered. Eventus is able to increase the customer satisfaction index by decreased waiting time. Regardless of location all data are available at any time and there is no need for repetitive work done by employees.

All KPIs and reports are automatically prepared, calculated and reported.

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