Increasing customer satisfaction at Invitel – Using an Eventus solution

An important goal of Invitel is maintaining customer-satisfaction while modernizing the various troubleshooting processes. Fornax, a company with substantial professional experience and competency, was trusted with the realization of this task.

Fornax ICT leverages the advantages and capabilities of the Eventus-based Troubleshooting System (TSS) to provide a wide-range solution for efficient troubleshooting of private mass products (e.g.: ADSL internet, IPTV) and business data communication services (e.g.: various VPN solutions). The system provides the possibility for the call center operators to give information about the technical background of the problem and the expected time of the rectification already at the time the fault is reported.

The TSS module of Eventus is a service and network troubleshooting system that collects information from various software platforms or directly from the network, and performs test measurements simplifying the work of customer service and supporting the process of service assurance.

The TSS solution supports the fault management processes of Invitel, increases the level of automatization, and provides an efficient technical background for the daily work of customer service, catering for a quicker and more efficient service level.

The goal of the project:

  • installing a diagnostics system that performs necessary measurements automatically integrated with the network management and other operational systems and also other enterprise applications.
  • it assesses and evaluates the results of the measurements
  • it detects the original cause of the problem among several prevailing failures
  • helps selecting the appropriate troubleshooting activity

The task of the Eventus expert module:

  • analysing the information gathered through these interfaces (manual entry, automatic query, measurement)
  • decision preparation and decision making based on these


  • Elimination of the human factor from the fault repair processes
  • Archiving of measurements and administration
  • Measuring the efficiency of fault repair activities
  • Data quality improvement between different systems (not only identification, but work-order generation/auto-repairing as well)
  • Fault closure verification

Client: Invitel Zrt.
Technology: HP server, Oracle database
Timespan: November 2010. – May 2011.
Invitel has been actively using the system since March 2011.

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