In February of 2020, The National Media and Communications Authority replaced its Information Ticket Handler system – an in-house development based on Lotus Notes/Domino – with an award winning Eventus-based system.

Just like the former system, the newly introduced Eventus BPM solution of Fornax ensures the unified tracking and organizing of inquiries that come in via the various channels of the authority (phone, personal, e-mail, letter, web), and it supports the business processes and the direct connection to the Microsoft Exchange mailing system and the authority’s own DMS filing system.

With the help of the new Avaya Call Centre integration, even voice calls made to the Customer Relationship Department can be handled within Eventus, and as a result, call centre agents are able to create tickets linked to the incoming calls in the Ticket Handler system. The data and the content of the call can be attached to the ticket, so it can be replayed within the system. The agents therefore no longer need to keep the contents of two systems in synch manually, and a further benefit of the solution is the option to easily search for, play and download the recorded calls attached to the tickets later.

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