Functional Modules

Workflow Module

The Eventus Workflow Module was designed to handle complex business processes complying with the requirements of enterprises. The system controls the execution of business processes based on process models using the existing IT infrastructure and monitoring the relevant company units and staff. With its help one can set what and when should be done within a given process and by whom during the 24 hours of the day in order to achieve maximum efficiency. The module also provides information about the execution of the tasks. The Eventus Workflow Module has its own process planner feature, by which the processes of the system can be created and edited using simple graphical tools, therefore existing processes can be modified quickly and easily, and new ones can be created.

Work Force Module

The Eventus Work Force Module is capable of work time scheduling, work time calculation, managing availability and automatically dispatching tasks real-time. The goal of work force management is to control the execution of the tasks generated by the workflow manager. Further important features of the Work Force Module: the adequate controlling of executors of various tasks (meaning individuals, groups, internal system components and external applications connected via interfaces), setting priorities among active tasks, handling assignments and optimization based on various criteria (skills, customer value, technology, travel time, etc.)
The executors are always mapped to the “most appropriate” task from a pool of tasks yet to be executed. Which task is deemed the “most appropriate” at any given moment is determined by priority handling settings in the system.
The tasks derived from various orders and trouble tickets in the Eventus system will be executed in the order set up by the calculation of priorities. Priority handling represents the policies of the given company in the form of mathematical functions. The priority calculating algorithm runs for all tasks in the system ensuring that the company goals defined in the policies are always taken care of during workflow and work force management. It is important to note that Eventus continuously recalculates the priorities.
As the algorithm contains time based components as well (e.g.: the time left until the breach of the SLA), the relative order of importance of tasks will also change.

Interface Module

The Interface Module ensures the connection between the software and external systems. The speeding up and the encapsulation of the processes require that the workflow supporting system is adequately embedded into the IT application map of the given business partner. The implemented interface can be read only or read&write.
Keeping the ease of interfacing in mind Eventus leverages the widely accepted standards within system integration. The support of various middleware tools, however, yield even more results. With the creation of integration hubs the building of interfaces become simpler, and fewer interfaces are needed, furthermore the implemented interfaces can be operated, modified more easily, they can be tailored quicker to changing applications. Eventus offers many more interface technologies, and its custom integration options practically know no limit. Even the vanilla Eventus system offers several standard, implemented interfaces, from low level protocols (e.g.: SMPT, SMPP, LDAP, etc.) to application level OOTB/B2B integration.
The flexibility of Eventus is shown by the fact that it can be used on other than standard integration foundations: the connection can be built in any unique case, with any unique application. The connection points and technologies can be found in all layers of the application:

  • Database link
  • Server side API calls
  • TCP-socket based unique communication
  • Bidirectional client side plug-in (from and to Eventus)
  • Client side DLL Modules

Built-in Report Module

The Eventus Built-in Report Module grants access to the Eventus web-based built-in reporting application. Eventus provides the option through built-in reports to query the data saved on tickets, regarding both execution parameters and results. Both simplified and detailed reports are offered.
Reports can be automated and scheduled, so regular queries can be made without human interaction. The auto-report function of Eventus runs the report in predefined time intervals and with configured parameters, and the report can be saved on the server in CSV format, or can be forwarded as an attachment to given e-mail addresses. Running reports and viewing the data content can be subject to level of authorization.

Dashboard Module

The Eventus Dashboard Module can create quick graphical reports to overview certain operations or KPIs.

Map (GIS) Module

The Eventus Map (GIS) Module provides the option to continuously monitor the mobile work force of the company, it enables map based task assignment, and the retrospective verification of task execution as well. Moreover, it helps the users’ daily work and their quick arrival on site by turn-by-turn navigation.

Patient Transport (PTM) Module

The Eventus PTM (patient transport management) Module offers logistics support in patient management. The PTM Module handles the following processes:

  • Registering patient transport requests (via the Eventus web client)
  • manual or automatic task assignment to patient transport companies (Eventus end-users)
  • transport planning, daily itinerary optimization for vehicles
  • online call/ alert-monitoring for ambulance services and doctors
  • map display of patients, vehicles and hospitals, online monitoring of tasks

Troubleshooting (TSS) Module

The Eventus TSS (troubleshooting system) Module is a system for analysis and diagnosis, serving as a so-called umbrella solution over BSS and OSS IT-support systems. Through various data reading operations and analysis of measurement results the system is able to provide a quick and objective overview about the current status of a telecommunication service. In case of an irregularity or a failure the system immediately identifies the problem. It offer automatic options for immediate intervention in order to rectify the problem. In case a manual intervention is needed, the task can be immediately forwarded to the appropriate staff member thanks to the integration with the Workflow Module.

HR Module

The staff members of an organization can enter their actual working hours electronically with the help of the HR Module. The Eventus HR Module also enables the administration and maintenance of the base data necessary for registering the hours worked. The system offers complementary features as well, such as sending reminders to ensure the timely entering of the data or escalating the omission of doing so to someone higher in the organizational hierarchy. Reports can be generated based on the data in the system, the results of which can be exported.
The module grants access to the following components:

  • TimeSheet: With the help of the Eventus TimeSheet Component the employees of a company can electronically enter the hours they work.
  • iHoliday: The IHoliday Component provides an approval workflow for the handling of vacation requests.

Fleet Management Module

The Eventus Fleet Management Module makes the handling and controlling of vehicle fleets possible. The module contains features such as the so-called track logging, human resource and vehicle pairing, the support of electronic log sheets, different usage modes, the administration of fuelling and other expense items.

Service Activation (SA) Module

The Eventus Service Activation (SA) Module enables the remote configuration, creation, activation, deactivation and deletion of various telecommunication services.

Mobile Stock Handler Module

The Eventus Mobile Stock Handler Module is responsible for the maintenance, data storage and usage handling of stock assigned to members of the mobile work force. It can also detect abuse of the assets.

Approval hierarchy database (AHDB) Module

The Eventus AHDB (Approval Hierarchy Database) Module offers a GUI and the handling of information relevant to approval policies of the company.

System Monitor Module

The Eventus System Monitor Module supports operation work by monitoring the interfaces and alerting operators about any problems detected.

Archiving Module

The Eventus Archiving Module offers configurable automated data archiving, enabling the storage of data in a place other than the primary database.

MS Project Server Integration Module

The goal of the Eventus MS Project Server Integration Module is helping to harmonize the projects of the company, to handle these, and to enable more efficient and effective work. Moreover, due to the harmonization the leaders and managers have more accurate information at hand, and the administrative tasks of operation staff is simplified as well.
Through the joining of features of Eventus and MS Project platforms the most efficient support of project planning, project and task status tracking, replanning and reporting is achieved.

Migration Tool Module

The Eventus Migration Tool Licence allows the configuration data (workflows, hierarchies, system parameters) of one Eventus instance to be consistently copied to another Eventus environment with version control and conflict handling.


Client Modules

Desktop client Module

Through the preinstalled client one can access the Eventus application. We recommend it foremost for system administration and parametrization tasks.

WEB client Module

We recommend the web browser based client primarily for users who work at a fix workstation. Should the need arise, by using web forms the Eventus GUIs can be tailored with the branding of the business partner in mind.

Mobile client Module

Eventus can run on mobile devices with Android, iOS and Windows operating systems with the Eventus Mobile Client. In this case the Mobile Client also uses the data stored on the central Eventus server.

Smart Phone Bar Code Reader Module

Using the handsets built-in camera, the Smart Phone Bar Code Reader Module enables the usage of the bar code reading functionality from the Eventus application. The data of the read bar code are automatically saved in Eventus.

Smart Phone eOBU Module

The Smart Phone eOBU Module enables the client to work as an integrated on-board unit. This component can obtain geographical data from the built-in GPS modem of the device, and forward these to the Eventus server.

Smart Phone Camera Integration Module

The Smart Phone Camera Integration Module enables the photo type entry field in the Eventus Mobile Client. Using the built-in camera of the device a photo can be made. The photo is automatically saved in Eventus with timestamp and geotag.

Smart Phone Signature Handler Module

The Smart Phone Signature Handler Module makes handwritten signatures on the touchscreen of the device possible. Certain branches, services and business processes require that the on-site work is acknowledged by the customer with a signature. Thanks to the Smart Phone Signature Handler the customer does not need to sign a separate piece of paper, he can provide his signature on the device. This way the processes are not stalled until the signed documents arrive. Using this feature makes the costs of the creation, digitalization and storage of paper based documents a thing of the past.

Smart Phone Attachment Handler Module

The Smart Phone Attachment Handler Module allows the use of an attachment entry field on the Eventus Mobile client, making the attaching of files with preconfigured formats possible.

Smart Phone Map-integration Module

The Smart Phone Map-integration Module enables the map view on the Eventus Mobile Client, providing an interactive map functionality for the end users. The Module contains the display only, it does not contain the map server.

Smart Phone Image Editor Module

The Smart Phone Image Editor Module provides basic image editing for images handled in the Eventus Mobile Client.

Smart Phone Timesheet Module

The Smart Phone Timesheet Module ensures a GUI for the Eventus HR Module optimized for Smart Phones, making it easier for users to register the hours they work.

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