Eventus Modules



When it comes to workflow and workforce management, Eventus knows no boundaries. Eventus is a framework covering every function that could be required by a business process in terms of workflow and workforce management.

Among these we find escalation procedures, sophisticated priority handling, modern communication channels, automated task dispatching, handling of service levels, map/GPS/telematics integration, smart phone clients, support of multiple languages, group task execution, handling of shifts and calendars, and of course boundless integration possibilities with internal or external IT systems.



The user-friendly graphical tools of the solution facilitate the collaboration of IT and business professionals and make the rules and procedures that drive business applications more transparent. This improves business response times, increases operational efficiency, and reduces time to market. A broad set of user-friendly tools for workflow and decision management covers the entire process lifecycle: modelling, simulation, testing, launching, monitoring, and optimisation.



Due to the large number and complexity of IP services, identifying the root cause of customer problems requires a complex process, often involving second and third level product support, while only twenty percent of faults are resolved during the first call. Eventus Diagnostic (formerly known as TSS), by integrating network management and other server systems, can significantly increase the percentage of customer issues identified during the first contact.

Thanks to its automatically generated recommendations, the solution minimises the number of misassignments when selecting the right actions and departments, thus helping to optimise the
use of human resources.



The Eventus Inventory system is an object-oriented inventory system in which entities are represented by instances of the types defined in the catalogue. The relationships between the entities are described by associations, which in turn are defined by an application-specific meta-model. Access to the data is controlled by a complex authorization system, so that for each application and connected system it is possible to define what data users can access and modify.
The flexibility of Eventus Inventory, built on CMDB foundations, allows the metamodel to be customised and further special rules to be added. This flexibility allows the object model to be continuously extended.



In addition to the vital workflow management functions, Fornax Eventus Rostering supports special rules for uninterrupted operation and extreme working hour requirements as well as single or multi- shift work arrangements. The product has been specifically designed
to meet the needs of employers with uninterrupted operations, including law enforcement, ambulances, firefighters, property guards and road, air and water traffic controllers.

It includes, among other things, vacation accounting on an hourly basis, personalised work scheduling, special labour law regulations and user-friendly, flexible management of standby and emergency working time.

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