Eventus at Croatian Telecom

Since 2001 Croatian Telecom (Hrvatski Telekom) has been using a so-called WWMS solution based on Fornax’s proprietary Eventus system, on which the experts of Fornax perform continuous enhancements and platform upgrades.

Since 2001 Croatian Telecom has been using the so-called WWMS system that is based on the Eventus workflow and work force management system developed by Fornax, a system that has won several domestic and international professional awards. The solution centralizes the company’s provisioning, troubleshooting and other technical processes and the work of the technicians performing them, and it also controls the processing and fulfilment of orders coming from several external systems. The solution is used by about 2500 Croatian technicians and further 2500 subcontractors on a daily basis, indirectly effecting all Croatian Telecom clients.

The enhancement of the system has been an on-going process from the start, meaning that the programmers of Fornax keep adding new features to it.

Fornax projects between 2001 and 2002 at Croatian Telecom (Hrvatski Telekom):

The system developed by Fornax covers the entire process of trouble ticket handling and provisioning, also enabling the efficient scheduling and assignment of employees involved in the given task. The WWMS system also ensures the administration of network components connected to the ADSL service.

The experts implemented the following processes:

  • ADSL provisioning
  • termination
  • modification
  • trouble tickets

Solutions provided by Fornax:

  • decrease the processing time of fault reports
  • handle and drive the provisioning process
  • speed up the exchange of information between HT and its subscribers
  • integrate all earlier systems of the same purpose
  • make the automatization of all processes running on the system possible

Fornax projects since 2002 at Croatian Telecom (Hrvatski Telekom):

The development of WWMS is an ongoing effort since the 2002 closure of the project to the present day. Consequently the system is continuously enhanced with the processes of the newest services and products.

The services of the system are also extended, the most important milestones were the following:

  • The processes related to the provisioning, modification, termination and troubleshooting processes of all retail services were implemented in the WWMS system, achieving a substantial increase in efficiency. About half of the technical staff was enough to cater for all requests of this kind after the go-live.
  • At the same time WWMS also got an on-line interface to the Granite based technical directory system (DIS), and the internally developed CRM system (Donat).
  • Further interfaces were built to the network management (network monitoring (NetCool) and network configuration (RTTMS)) systems installed by Fornax, that are used by provisioning and troubleshooting processes alike – increasing the number of steps that can be automated in the processes.
  • The experts furthermore enhanced the dispatching and task assignment system as well, which now supports the dispatching to subcontractors and the handing over of tasks between zones – also contributing to the efficiency.
  • In addition to processes of retail products those of wholesale products and data services were also implemented.
  • A new interface was created for the Croatian Regulatory Authority for Network Industries, as a result of which the number portability between operators was realized.
  • The processes of backbone network development and troubleshooting and the processes of special task forces were also introduced to the system – consequently all technicians working on site or at service centres of Croatian Telekom now get their task assignments solely from WWMS
  • Hand in hand with the SAP system the sequence number based full range tracking of customer site devices (modems, set-top boxes, etc.) was implemented, resulting in a dramatic decrease of disappeared/stolen equipment. At the same time the tracking and administration of the equipment stock of technicians became possible as well.
  • CT introduced a new service activation system and connecting to it via the WWMS interface it can activate most services on-line.
  • A new, automated task assignment system was also installed that on request can give a technician his next task based on various criteria (task priority, distance, customer value, task duration, etc.). This substantially reduced the time team leads had to spend with task assignment.
  • A map integration made the location of tasks easier to overview.
  • A web interface was also developed supporting the work of technicians, team leads and subcontractors.
  • In 2016 following a year of development the system was migrated to an Eventus platform. The advantage of the solution is that now the system of Croatian Telecom uses the same database structure and central functionality as the other clients of Fornax. This makes features easier to implement for CT as well.

Fornax’s WWMS solution on Eventus foundations is connected to more than a dozen further systems on-line.

Client: Croatian Telecom (Hrvatski Telekom)
Timespan: April 2001. – present
Croatian Telecom has been actively using the system since 2002.

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