Eventus and Industry Standards

The Flexible structure of Eventus can support any kind of business process.

The system is able to support an ITIL based process or an eTOM based process, but any other kind of industrial standard or official norm can be  applied.

The designer or modeller of the process can decide whether the business processes will fit the  best practice  of an industrial branch, or whether it will fit an industrial standard or fit another method.

For the actual implementing of the processes the Eventus system planning device possesses its own graphical interface. This device supports the actual realisation of the planned processes in the system. On this graphical surface the system is able to present the relationships of the process elements and their contents. Smaller changes can be executed quickly with the help of this tool or graphical interface.

Often a model is prepared by the process designer on an external modelling tool (e.g. BPMN modeller).  In this case, if the modelling tool can provide the description of the processes in the form of XML, Eventus is able to import the necessary data from the external source. Some adjustments, however, might be necessary.

The interfaces of the Eventus system are mostly middleware/ESB based, or web-based and implemented as services. Consequently, the realisation of standard services are almost compliant with BPEL. The interfaces between the related systems can be  realized as web services. These web services may work in different environments.

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