Eventus Workforce Management

Workforce Management involves controlling the execution of tasks generated by the workflow engine. The uniform handling of different executor types (persons and workgroups, internal system elements, external applications integrated through an interface) plays a vital role here, as do other functions, such as task priority handling, dispatch features, and the optimization for various aspects: technical skills, customer value, technology, travel time, etc.

Efficient Workforce The main purpose of closed-loop workforce management is to maximize the utilization of human resources. In Eventus, professional priority handling, scheduling and knowledge management tools, handheld integration, performance analysis are all tightly connected to the integrated and continually optimized workflow management. The result is that all employees achieve the maximum workload, and that at any given moment they are performing the tasks that are the most useful for the company.

Integrated with Workflow The greatest deficiency of stand-alone workforce management systems is that they manage only tasks that are presently active. Integrated workflow and workforce management is significantly more efficient and also provides additional information, such as the expected future workload of workgroups.

High Load Capacity Eventus was specifically designed with the large enterprise environment in mind, and can therefore support tens of thousands of central users and technicians, hundreds of thousands of customer requests and tens of millions of customers.

Advanced priority management is responsible for queuing tasks waiting for execution. Precise mathematical functions can be specified for any aspect of a given workflow. In this way you can prioritize different customer types, services, regions, process types, etc.


Eventus supports several methods of task execution and many different executor types. Tasks can be executed on-line by those who have access to the system, but dispatch functions are available also for managing off-line workers. Dispatchers can find both the most suitable task for a given executor or the most appropriate executor for a specified task.

Executors can be managed individually or in groups, depending on their relationship with the company or the type of work they are doing. Eventus always has alternatives for you to choose from in order to specify the most efficient way of performing tasks.

An important feature of the system is that everyone involved in task execution can have access to their work via palmtops or SMS. In particular, this enables the full automation of the service provided by mobile technicians, who can directly access the information they need, without the support of a central dispatcher.

Handheld terminals, SMS, a GUI that adjusts to a user’s level of experience, optimization of dispatch in various aspects, graphic representation of priorities, advanced skill management in Eventus everything is designed to ensure maximum workforce efficiency.

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