System implementation follows a well-defined methodology developed especially for Eventus projects. A complete set of methods and tools are available to manage the technical work from the beginning to the end.

The methodology covers the entire project from the collection of information about business processes, through the processing and analysis of this information to the physical modeling all workflows in Eventus and the settings of all the necessary system parameters.


At specific points in the system, customers have the option to include additional modules or to specify their specific data content and the related screens. All possibilities are fully documented and further support is available from Fornax.

The customization work never affects the core modules of Eventus, and all products can be safely transferred between the different releases of Eventus.

Systems Integration

Integrating Eventus to the company’s IT infrastructure is one of the most important issues when implementing a new system.

The project always relies on Eventus’ built-in integration capabilities for details see the system description.

In addition to the internal connectors, Eventus also provides custom integration points. This kind of interface development falls into the category of customization, which means that the product is always independent from the system core and is portable from one release to another.


As an integral part of the implementation, Fornax offers comprehensive training services as well.

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