The Eventus BigData Module is the newest, independent unit of the Eventus off-the-shelf product. The solution enables the transformation of data stored and handled in the relational database of Eventus into valuable information from a business perspective. The set of data thus obtained stored in a BigData model based, non-relational database paves the way to real-time assessment of connections and correlations unavailable through traditional methods (e.g. classic reporting).

The goal the Fornax experts set for themselves when designing the module was to efficiently support their partners in improving their financial indicators (eg.: EBITDA). One possible way of achieving that is decreasing the costs of partner services.

After a certain level the across-the-board cost-cutting of various services put the quality of the service in risk, in other words, past a certain point it cannot be looked upon as a real solution. The BigData development of Eventus provides efficient help in the analysis of costs on a micro level, even on the level of a single customer or a single service of a customer, thereby supporting the partners in further savings and the execution of optimizations.

Fornax’s module is a lot more than a traditional report or statistics. It can provide information much quicker, practically at once for the use cases based on the data stored in the BigData database. Thanks to the newest application of Eventus, correlations of such complexity can be discovered that traditional reporting would often take a long time to chance upon – moreover, the result achieved with great effort might be obsolete by the time it is reached.

This latest development of Eventus is a new, innovative solution not only from the partners’ point of view, it is a complex and extraordinary task on the side of Fornax as well. The quantity of the data to be processed, the creation of the segmentation, their interpretation and visualization all pose a serious challenge for experts and developers alike. Due to the novelty of the area, product developers involved several BigData experts as well.

The successful BigData Module experimental project therefore brought about exciting and useful results, and following up on it, the next step could be the complete integration and the full scope introduction of the module.

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