Oracle Open World is one of the world’s largest IT conference organized every September in San Francisco with the participation of prominent companies, IT decision makers and business IT experts. The event in 2012 attracted 50 000 visitors to the more than 12 central sties in the city, both indoors and outdoors. The topics investigated by experts include such areas as the latest developments in IT solutions supporting enterprise management, the improvement and optimization of operational efficiency of companies. The conference is organized by Oracle, the company possessing the broadest range of IT products and also the market leader in the database arena.

Between the 22nd and 26th of September a Hungarian expert will be taking the floor, which is unprecedented in the history of the event since its first occasion in 1997. Representing the FORNAX group, Zoltán Nagy, the executive responsible for telecommunications solutions, was requested from more than a thousand nominees to share his experiences regarding software-supported workflow and work force management, in other words the area of improving the efficiency of business processes.

Zoltán Nagy will be presenting EVENTUS, an award-winning product that was developed by Fornax, a company nearly 25 years of age, adding to the renown of Hungarian IT expertise and developments. The invitation has special significance, as Oracle deems Fornax’s solution worthy of a presentation, while possessing a product of their own offered for the same problems.


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