The amount of waste produced annually in Hungary is approximately 18.5 tons. It is important that most of the material of this waste is reused and that authorities collect it in the most efficient manner possible.

Therefore the National Waste Management Directorate of the National Inspectorate For Environment, Nature and Water OKTF NHI (formerly OHÜ Nonprofit Kft.) needed to support its waste management related activities with IT that makes use of advanced, state of the art telecommunication technology. Consequently OKTF NHI initiated the EU funded project called National System of Waste Management Navigation (HUNOR). The HUNOR system designed to help the work of OKTF NHI brings about an operation supported by a modern, cost efficient IT background in a clear, unified and regulated environment in the area of managing selectively collected and reused waste.

In the autumn of 2013 Fornax ICT Kft. won and successfully delivered the public procurement tender announced by OKTF NHI for the development of the Waste Management Base System within the framework of the Electronic Waste Management System project.

With the collaboration of partner systems the base system founded onEventus contributes to the state of the art and cost efficient IT support of waste management in several ways. Among other things the system aids mid-term and long-term planning, monitoring and reconciliation processes, and provides strategic decision support based on available analyses, models and simulations.

The Waste Management Base System developed by Fornax plays a prominent role among the HUNOR systems. It ensures the co-operation with connecting subsystems, the tracking of collection and transportation of waste in accordance with given regulations, it supports and aids – complying with provided requirements – the monitoring demands and the execution of monitoring tasks. With cutting edge reporting tools the Waste Management Base System provides exact, up-to-date and controlled real data, thereby supporting the decision makers.

With the help of a so-called logger (a tracking application) built in the mobile device of the driver of the waste collecting vehicle, precise and real time vehicle tracking is made possible within the subsystem tracking the movement of waste. Via this application the employees collecting the waste can record their activities which the controllers are able to see immediately, and the system saves these data in a retrievable way.

During the HUNOR project Eventus helped to create an efficient, fast and secure system specialized for waste management and a necessary integrated IT environment that supports the financial reconciliation and mandatory data submission tasks.

The short film made for the press conference held by OKTF NHI can be seen at the following address: http://www.szelektivinfo.hu/sajto

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