Fornax delivered the Eventus Workflow and Workforce Management System which covers entire work with universal processes. Entire workflows can be seen, accurately measured and evaluated moving from manually controlled and experience based operation to automatic processes introducing performance measurements and result oriented approach at technicians.
All employees can work fully independently and rely on Eventus. From now on resolution of problems in the same category does not depend on particular employee knowledge of a given geographical area, infrastructure or equipment.
Dispatching of the tasks is extensively automated based on objective parameters with manual corrections only if necessary. Android mobile client is able to reach high utilization of human resources through allocation of tasks where there is demand. Realization of tasks and efficiency can be transparently followed in real time and based on the escalation mechanism can be triggered. Eventus is able to increase the customer satisfaction index by decreased waiting time. Regardless of location all data are available at any time and there is no need for repetitive work done by employees.
All KPIs and reports are automatically prepared, calculated and reported.

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