As a result of several years of development, after accumulating know-how from international implementations, Eventus 3.0 is finally ready to provide critical Workflow and Workforce Management support for telecom companies.

Hungary-based Fornax has been involved in the workflow industry since 1992. After working with several technologies, development projects and implementations, the company decided to release its own out-of-the-box Workflow and Workforce Management System. Eventus is the third version of Fornax’s workflow system, originally a custom-made application for Deutsche Telecom’s two affiliates, Matáv and HT, the Hungarian and Croatian Telecom companies.

Eventus is an integrated Workflow and Workforce Management System designed to dramatically increase the work efficiency of telecom companies. Due to its functions and architecture, Eventus has the added advantage that it can also play a significant role in the integration of enterprise applications. Fornax provides a full range of related services to accompany the product and ease identification and implementation of the best solution.

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