The geographic module integrated to Eventus Workforce Management provides a perfect solution for location based despatching and also to support the online monitoring of service technicians.  In addition to monitoring it has an extended user interface for dispatching and task execution as geographic information is also be used for task prioritizing, where for example task distances are counted into task priority calculation.
Geographic Module of Eventus greatly enhances the ease-of-use of the system.

On task dispatching screen dispatcher have geographic overview on all tasks and executors, so they can easily allocate technicians to tasks to be undertaken.
After selecting a pair of them, recommended route and estimated travel time is shown on the screen.

Eventus Workforce Management System provides possibility for the technician to “self-dispatch” the next task to execute or they can also use the automated dispatching, which is also available in Eventus. All the dispatching algorithms implemented in Workforce processes can use geographic information about tasks, executors and technical areas.

Among many other parameters, geographic information can also be used for prioritizing technician’s tasks.
Since the system is able to trace technicians, the execution of tasks can be managed with better (shorter travelling distance/time) position. On the dispatcher’s GUI it is possible to list technicians by current position according to the location of the task to be executed.

Privileged users can check the daily track log of task executors on “GPS track log” screen. Technicians can be checked whether they have passed the task execution places at the appropriate times. Delay in arrival to a confirmed meeting point (task) will be displayed with different colors in the map.

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