By now it has become obvious that the accurate administration of work management and other work related activities in the operative areas not only provides useful data for the given organization, it also ensures indispensible information for strategic planning related to the feasibility of future tasks. That was the reason the Institute of Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing deemed it necessary to introduce a professional system for administering working hours.

The development partly funded by EU resources is meant to support daily work management and the activities themselves. The solution offers the possibility to administer the hours worked, to generate and graphically represent various management reports based on that data, to assign specific administration tasks to users, and the data collected by the system are available for other systems as well.

The system provides an overall, comprehensible picture for management about the activities performed by the employees and the resource requirements of these activities. It also simplifies the calculation of resource requirements and the planning of newly launched projects.

The Eventus-based solution developed by Fornax ICT Kft. currently allows 150 users to be logged in simultaneously and leaves open the possibility of a future enhancement to use mobile clients running Android or IOS operating systems.


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