Eventus Warehouse Module provides the possibility to manage personal inventory of the field force colleagues and track equipment usage. Mobile Stock function provides personal inventory management for the field force colleagues and registration of all materials used on customer premises.

Necessary devices and additional installation materials are ordered from the central storage facility by a regional dispatcher or another appointed employee. Ordered materials are distributed to the local stock. A regional dispatcher or another appointed employee in charge assigns and distributes materials to the field force colleague within the zone.

The Mobile stock module of Eventus shell supports integration with the central stock and its management. Amongst others this might include e.g.: updating information on used and faulty equipment (type, serial numbers).

When work at the customer site is completed the field force colleagues have to send information to Eventus about consumed material. Generating this report is mandatory for the closing of the trouble ticket in the Workforce Management System. The personal inventory will be updated with the used material. If the stock level is critically low, the necessary work order to prepare appropriate materials will be generated and sent to the employee responsible for the handling of central/regional stock management.

Thanks to the integration towards ERP systems (e.g. Oracle, SAP, etc…) there is always an accurate and up-to-date stock report at disposal of decision makers.

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