Fornax has been awarded the Silver prize in the international competition for the ‘2003 Global Excellence in Workflow’ Awards, for innovation and excellence in its workflow management IT solution, WFMS, deployed at Matáv, the largest Hungarian telecommunications service provider.

The awards, sponsored by the Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC), Giga Information Group and Workflow and Reengineering International Association (WARIA), the most acknowledged associations in the global workflow industry, were presented yesterday, on 8 April 2003 in New York.

Fornax’s workflow system drives all technical business processes at Matáv, internally and toward sub-contractors, managing the daily work of nearly 5,000 employees. The system is based on an integrated view of workflow and workforce management, and it offers advanced features from both areas. It provides full support from high level business process management down to every single detail of task execution.

A major advantage of the system is that it has been specifically designed for the telecommunications industry. The system’s special features, such as its interfaces toward other core applications (billing, technical inventories, network management, etc.), mobile extensions for handheld terminals, the unique ’service designer module’ for graphically designing unlimited telecom services, have all contributed to this international success.

“Over the years of our cooperation, Fornax and Matáv have worked together in a very professional way. Our working relationship is a very good example of how customer and technology provider can help each other achieve their goals,” said Mr Bulcsú Balásy, CEO of Fornax.

Attila Szász, Matáv’s Director Network Management commented: „The process and service requirements designed by Matáv have been considered and implemented with maximum flexibility in solutions proposed by Fornax so that customer and supplier have jointly created an excellent system.”

Fornax’s award-winning system is also deployed at Hrvatski Telekom, the Croatian affiliate of Deutsche Telekom AG.

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