Since 2001 Croatian Telecom has been using the so-called WWMS solution based on the Eventus system developed by Fornax. In addition to the continuous enhancements a full platform upgrade has been going on since January.

Since 2001 Croatian Telecom has been using the so-called WWMS system that is based on the Eventus workflow and work force management system developed by Fornax, a system that has won several domestic and international professional awards. The solution centralizes the company’s provisioning, fault management and other technical processes and the work of the technicians performing them, and it also controls the processing and fulfillment of orders coming from several external systems. The solution is used by about 2500 Croatian technicians and further 2500 subcontractors on a daily basis, indirectly effecting all Croatian Telecom clients.

The enhancement of the system is an on-going process from the start, meaning that the programmers of Fornax keep adding new features to it, and they have been performing a full platform upgrade since January. Hungarian Telecom has been using the Eventus workflow and work force management system since 2000, in their case the above mentioned platform upgrade was successfully done in 2007.

The upgrade will carry a number of advantages, the new administrative tools will be easier to use, more flexible configuration options will be available, and the configuration database will be simpler and smaller, increasing performance and speed. The greatest advantage for Croatian Telecom will be, however, the unified platform, which will enable a simpler porting of developments done for other customers of Fornax – using the same platform – to the system of Croatian Telecom.

Eventus programmers migrate the completed enhancements to the live environment continuously, the first upgrade happened in May, the ones to follow are developed and put in production continuously, and the whole project is expected to terminate by the end of this year.

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