Address based DSL prequalification uses DSL measurement function of the DSMS system. Mechanism of the system is easy to understand.
The prequalification system predicts the possibility of a green-field DSL service, using the following algorithms:

  • to search existing DSL lines nearby
  • to identify network objects, which will take part in the curtain service:
    • cross-connect
    • distribution point
  • to measure the line parameters of the DSL line nearby
  • to measure DSL lines connecting to the curtain network objects
  • to evaluate the results of measurements
  • to analyze historical measurement results from Measurement store DB of DSMS
  • to create prequalification answer (yes/no/maybe)

Using our solution DSL providers are not able to eliminate the middle “maybe” layer, but the system can significantly decrease the rate of this kind of answer.
Comparing the solution with the other competitive methods (e.g. SELT test), the advantage is that it is not necessary to build up the customer line in advance. DSL operators are able to run prequalification on a cost and time effective way.

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