1. Architecture Licenses



1.1. Server Licenses


1.1.1. Personal Server License
1.1.2. Workgroup Server License
1.1.3. Enterprise Server License
1.1.4. Non-production Server License
1.1.5. Eventus Small Business (SMB) Edition License

1.2. User Licences


i.   Named User License
ii.  Concurent User License

1.3. Flow License


i.   Small Flow License
ii.  Medium Flow License
iii. Large Flow License

1.4. Client Licenses


1.4.1. Basic Smartphone Client License
i.   Eventus Native Android Client
ii.  Eventus Native iOS Client
iii. Eventus Native Windows Phone Client
1.4.2. Smartphone Barcode Reader License
i.   Barcode Reader for Android
ii.  Barcode Reader for iOS
iii. Barcode Reader for Windows Phone
1.4.3. Smartphone eOBU License
i.   eOBU for Android
ii.  eOBU for iOS
iii. eOBU for Windows Phone

2. Functional Licenses


2.1. WorkFlow module License
2.2. WorkForce module License
2.3. Connectivity License
i.   Generic Connectivity License
ii.  Connectivity License for Feature Modules

3. Feature Module Licenses


3.1. Eventus Built-in Reports Module License
3.2. Eventus GIS Module License
3.3. Eventus PTM License
3.4. Eventus NetQA Module and Probe License
i.   Eventus NetQA Module License
ii.  Eventus NetQA Probe License
3.5. Eventus TSS License
3.6. Eventus HR Module License
3.7. Eventus Fleet Management License
3.8. Eventus Mobile Warehouse License
3.9. Eventus Service Activation Module License
3.10. Eventus DashBoard License
3.11. Eventus AHDB Module License
3.12. Eventus WatchDog License
3.13. Eventus Archiving Module License
3.14. Eventus MS Project Server Integration License

4. Developer Licenses


4.1. Configuration License
4.2. Developer License


Eventus as an off-the-shelf software can be ordered by purchasing the licenses above.

For further details regarding the licenses, free feel to contact us: info@fornax.hu

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